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udkm1Dsim toolbox
A Simulation Toolkit for
1D Ultrafast Dynamics
in Condensed Matter

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Marc Herzog
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+49 331 977 5495

Research interests

 The main focus of my research is the investigation of fundamental dynamics in condensed matter on their inherently ultrafast time scales. In particular, I am interested in the various interactions between internal degrees of freedom (e.g. electrons, lattice and spins) and their mutual responses to an external stimulus (e.g. ultrashort laser pulses).

My PhD thesis was dedicated to the study of photoinduced structural dynamics in nanolayered oxide heterostructures employing time-resolved x-ray diffraction and optical reflectivity pump-probe methods. In particular, I investigated coherent and incoherent lattice dynamics after ultrafast heating of metal layer(s) within the heterostructures by experimental and theoretical means. The experiments revealed strongly nonlinear propagation and dissipation of tailored coherent acoustic phonon wavepackets due to the anharmonic interatomic potentials of the crystal lattice.

While pursuing the above topics and techniques I also utilized time- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy methods (e.g. 2PPE) and all-optical linear and nonlinear scattering techniques to investigate photoexcited electronic states of condensed matter and their role in the formation of exotic phases of matter and the related phase transitions.