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udkm1Dsim toolbox
A Simulation Toolkit for
1D Ultrafast Dynamics
in Condensed Matter

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Laser Lab


Laser System

Laser Type: Oscillator Regenerative Amplifier
Model: Spectra Pysics MaiTai Spectra Physics Spitfire Pro
Center Wavelength: 800 nm 800 nm
Bandwidth: 10 nm 10 nm
Pulse Duration: 120 fs 120 fs
Pulse Energy: 20 nJ 250 µJ
Repetition Rate: 80 MHz 5 kHz

Streak Camera

from www.hamamatsu.com

 streak setup turned fluoreszens cut

Pump-Probe Setups

Broadband Transmission-Reflection Setup

Pump-probe spectroscopy setup. In this setup a two-channel spectrometer simultaneously detects the reflectance and transmittance. Used abbreviations: L = lens, Ch = chopper, P = polarizer, G = goniometer.

 Broadband Transmission-Reflection Setup

Low-Temperature Setup

With this setup we perform Temperature dependent time resolved optical (and IR-) spectroscopy for high excitation fluences (~ mJ/cm^2). This gives us the opportunity to detect changes in our materials across different phase transitions (magnetic, structural etc.).


High-Repetition-Rate Setup

In this all-optical setup, the high repetition rate of the MaiTai-oscillator together with a "shaken" delay window is exploited to examine potentially weak lattice dynamics in the low fluence regime (≈ 0.1mJ/cm²) that result in a change of reflectivity ΔR/R0 of down to 10-8. When mounted on a peltier element, the sample's temperature can be varied in order to follow structural phase transitions, which may influence phonon frequencies.

Shaker Setup


Stages: 1 2
Wavelength Range: 470-700 nm 1.6-4 µm
Pulse Duration: 30 fs 50 fs
Pulse Energy: 3 µJ @ 5kHz

Setup of the noncollinear optical parametric ampli er, called NOPA, (dashed lined box) and a two-prism compressor. Used abbreviations: A = aperture, BS = beamsplitter, BBO = β-barium borite crystal, M =mirror, NDF = neutral density lter, L = lens, S = sapphire plate, FM = focusing mirror, and PR = prism.

NOPA Setup

Picture of a NOPA

nopa mareike